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This is a general agency submission requisition. You must be an approved vendor to submit candidates for any candidate ownership guidelines and practices to apply.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Vendor Approval: Only approved vendors are eligible to submit candidates for consideration. If you are not an approved vendor, please contact our Vendor Management Team to initiate the approval process.

  2. Candidate Ownership: Please adhere to our candidate ownership guidelines and practices. Submitted candidates must not be previously submitted by other vendors or have directly applied to the requisition. Duplicate submissions will not be considered.

Submission Process:

  1. Submission Package: Prepare a comprehensive submission package for each candidate you propose. The package should include:

    • Requisition Title and Job Order ID (this should have been provided to you.  If you do not know - please contact your recruiter)
    • Candidate's resume/CV: Highlight the candidate's relevant experience and qualifications.
    • Completed application form: You will be required to fill out an application form for each submission. This form will include both your details as the submitting vendor and the candidate's information.
  2. Candidate Information: When completing the Candidate Information section of the application form, ensure that you accurately provide the candidate's details, including their email address and contact information. Using the candidate's information is crucial for effective communication and evaluation.

Please Note:

  • Only submissions that comply with the above guidelines and practices will be reviewed.
  • We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the integrity of the submission process.
  • Upon receipt of your submissions, our team will review the candidates and contact you if they are shortlisted for further consideration.

Thank you for your attention to these submission requisition instructions. We appreciate your commitment to providing high-quality candidates for The North West Company!

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